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Star Wars Battlefront

Join us here for the Original SWBF and SWBF2 now hosts SWBFspy -- the evolution of the OpenSpy Internet Masterserver software for Internet Multiplayer Games

New Internet Multiplayer Patches Released:
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See this link for a server list of SWBFspy Game Servers for SWBF and SWBF2!

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Visit and to learn about The Walking Dead Battlefront survival horror zombie campaign mod being created by Phobos.

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Welcome to

Welcome to! We are a community focusing on the Star Wars Battlefront series, primarily the original SWBF. We host tournaments and have the absolute largest file archives for SWBF1 and SWBF2 on the Internet. We are also the largest SWBF modding website on the Internet, with many tutorials and resources for modding. If you are interested in joining our community, please register - it's free and we are a friendly group.

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August 08, 2017, 07:01:57 PM by Phobos
Views: 7 | Comments: 0


- Phobos & Wolf creating the SWBFspy project in Sep 2013
- SleepKiller trying to steal credit for the name in Dec 2013

- Phobos mentioning the SWBFspy name & project on SWBFlamers
- Led and Anyder stealing/PLAgiarizing the project from Phobos by registering the FAKE domain and FAKE steam group
- Phobos creating the original EXE hex edits
- Anyder trying to discredit Phobos for the hex edits and tried to credit himself for it instead

- Phobos asking Led to honor his agreement to "help set up a clone of the MS for testing improvements to the code"
- Led saying he can't do that and that JediKiller won't help either
- Phobos donates to Led's MS and decides to work on the improved MS without Led's help
- Phobos asking Led & Anyder to work together on improving the MS with all 3 of us as admins
- Anyder not listing Phobos as admin or even a contributor/donator on his FAKEspy pages due to jealousy
- Phobos creating the real SWBFspy pages and being listed as admin while removing Led & Anyder from the project
- Anyder banning Phobos from Led's game servers
- Phobos banning Anyder from the [FC] clan and game servers
- Anyder creating the FAKEspy info website
- Anyder removing the game servers of Phobos from his FAKEspy community pages
- Phobos registering SWBFModders and the real SWBFspy domains and creating the SWBFspy info website
- Phobos removing Anyder's fake game servers from the SWBFspy community pages
- Led & Anyder ban Phobos and his VPS from the FAKEspy ms and also ban Phobos from the swbfLamers community
- Phobos bans Led & Anyder and their VPS servers from the SWBFspy MS and also bans Led & Anyder from the SWBFModders community
- Anyder and Led encourage others to spread their lies and begin discrediting Phobos for various mods and community contributions
- Phobos exposes the lies of Anyder and Led along with their ignorant minions by spreading the truth of his mods and community contributions
- Anyder and other trolls desperately spread more propaganda and lies on other websites
- Phobos effectively debunks the lies of Anyder and other trolls, by posting the truth on other websites
- Led removes Phobos' previous TWD boards on swbfLamers
- Phobos reposts the improved TWD boards on swbfModders
- Led publicly defaces Phobos' previous profile on swbfLamers
- Phobos further publicly exposes Led's continued increasing hostility towards swbfModders
August 04, 2017, 02:35:10 PM by Phobos
Views: 14 | Comments: 0

Hi SWBFmodders,

I have opened this active board for active mod projects and added proper moderators for the whole forum. Chief among them is The Walking Dead Battlefront -- If you can't access the newer mod builds, just remember that is a necessary consequence for too many LamerTrolls trying to censor this epic mod and pretend that it's inactive. Lmao yeah, it's about as inactive as "the sun shining over the Earth" :-*
Members of SWBFmodders have access to all builds v0.95 and beyond. TWDBF is the most active SWBF mod project ever built :cheers:

I'll also be cleaning up all future reposted threads and removing any "troll posts" such as those of hostilities from other (fake) SWBF forums.

Quote from: Led
I am no longer involved in modding
Let's be honest here, Led never was involved in any significant modding projects. The most that poser ever learned was how to script mission LUA, and copy/paste the tutorials written by others.

Notice how all the haters trolling and trying to censor my contributions, never made even 1% as much as I did for the community. Jealousy and ignorance combined can get pretty ugly. Just look at the PLAgiarist tyrants Led & Anyder for proof of that.
August 02, 2017, 10:38:28 PM by Phobos | Views: 484 | Comments: 10

Good night SWBF Community,
Tonight, there were more lies posted by Anyder and Led to debunk, as it is my duty as community admin to inform the public of all hostility and disinformation directed towards the real SWBF Community.

Two members who used to be in the Community but are now banned (Anyder and Led) are continuing to spread lies publicly on their website. Let's break down the lies and reveal the truth once again.

- I was never "invited" to leave SWBFLamers, I chose to after witnessing too much PLAgairism and corruption.
- The FAKEspy admins are corrupt, as evidenced by their recent tyranny and hostility

Here is the real history of SWBFspy:

SWBFSpy is managed by Phobos at and supported by Game Ambassadors SirPimped and Elite.

SWBFSpy was the name given to the OpenSpy Master Server replacement, first started in 2013 by Phobos and Wolf. The Master Server lets players join servers using a "server browser".

I posted the name SWBFSpy in September 2013, it wasn't until December 2013 that SleepKiller heard about this from another [FC] member and tried to steal credit for the idea. The liar, Anyder, is now trying to discredit me entirely, even though I have already posted public proof that I created it in September 2013, months before anyone else ever mentioned it.
SWBF1 tunngle has died due to trolls and corruption of noobs like Joseph hosting radarphobic cheat tournaments and Led hosting radarphobic nooby servers. FC servers is all that remains so the SWBFSpy fix will be FC only forever we are whats left of the swbf community and will remain troll free to enjoy the game as it was meant to be played.

This is how it was always meant to be, SWBFSpy will have a "whitelist" and only approved members can play it. This is to keep out trolls and server crashers such as Anyder.

Phobos purchased the official domain name,, and made the appropriate hex edits, which Anyder also tried to discredit me for. The new MS is not fully functional yet, but many have contributed to the project, including Luigi, CHC, Masaq, Spanky, and Soneek, along with some players from the PS2 community. We have also received donations and are not giving up on the project, just because some posers tried to steal it from us, and paid exorbitant amounts of money for help from other PLAgiarists.

There is plenty of evidence I thought of SWBFSpy first, Anyder is in denial, and obviously trying to censor any evidence that remains on SWBFLamers. I'm sure soon enough, Led will follow suit.

Unfortunately, Anyder seems to think he has some role of administration of the SWBFSpy MS. He is not involved in the project however, despite posting lies on his fake websites.

I registered the SWBFLamers youtube years ago just in case something like this were to ever happen. I made it very concise and easy to understand, not confusing like Anyder claims. Much unlike the fake youtube.

Clearly Anyder is upset and holds serious resentment about his non-involvement in the Master Server. Led also stole the domain after breaking his agreement with me, to help me launch a new MS, and to work "together" on 2 MS projects at the same time, obviously due to his need to monopolize everything.

I posted way back in May 2016 that the .ORG domain would be registered in the event of something like this, the .NET was a decoy, so I was not upset by Led's predictable decisions. In fact, it was Anyder who became enraged by my exposure of his lies about SWBFSpy. unfortunately has been stolen by Led and SleepKiller, but as long as I have access to the master server then it will be manageable.

If Led tries to steal this name for himself, I'll leave permanently. We went to great methods to ensure [FC] would always have some level of admin for the SWBFSpy Master Server project we thought of 3 years ago.

Some of these posts here will be reposted on swbflamers but I'll edit them first to make sure nothing about the whitelist/blacklist ideas get revealed. Basically here is our contingency plans for managing the SWBF Community:
- For now we let Led and JediKiller run the master server, as long as I have access we will be able to learn how to control the server. Since OpenSpy released the source that is useful, but all the additional knowledge of transferring all the files to a new master server and setting that up wasn't documented in detail AFAIK.
- If at any point Led and SK abuse their power we will have a copy of the master server and can rename to or whatever other domain is useable. Then we can implement our own whitelist/blacklist if needed and post it public on our sites. This will "split" the community between pros and trolls, and should only be done as a last resort if Led can no longer be trusted as the public authority figure for SWBF.
- If Led refuses to let anyone from [FC] co-admin the master server or access the files, I will personally never release another mod on swbflamers again and leave that forum. If he is gonna insist on using our master server name then he needs to respect the creators by not trying to take away our ownership of the idea.
See, there is no way Led and SK are gonna have higher Tier access to SWBFSpy than the InvisAdmins.

Recently Anyder made a fake info website and tried to exclude me as a game server admin. This required me to launch the real info website, listing the real game server admins.

I never threatened Anyder or Led, I said that if they would not recognize the facts, they would be exposed for lying, and it's true, neither they or anyone else can stop the truth from being revealed. In fact Anyder is the one who started with threats first, then Led.

Anyder claims I am creating fake groups and pages, which I am not, but he is. All the pages I created were due to Led's inability to recognize the truth, so his fake project was banned as a result. Most of what Anyder posted on his fake info site was ripoffs and copies of what Phobos had originally written, on GameTracker, the clan server sites, and more. was registered because the .COM and .NET domains were stolen, not to cause confusion, but rather clarity regarding the truth. Anyder is now posting partial quotes of mine on his fake websites, trying to confuse and disinform the public of the truth.

We want everyone to understand why we banned Anyder and Led. The ban will be permanent, and the truth will never be censored.

SWBF Community Leader Phobos - SWBFSpy

PS. All my contributions on SWBFLamers are being censored/hidden from the public according to Led. He thinks this offends me, but it doesn't. Everything I posted there is obsolete, so many great contributions will be made on SWBFModders, and everything of value is being reuploaded over the following months. Led does not wish me well at all, quite the opposite, since if he really did, then instead of banning me and breaking his agreement, he would have honored his word and not tried to usurp my administration of SWBFSpy. I know that coding an MS is not the easiest task, but at least Led has recognized one truthful fact: I do have what it takes to build it. Led is now banned, just like Anyder, for being a pathetic idiot.

I will do whatever it takes to keep the SWBF Community alive, and all hostile supporters of the FAKE community banned. In a few years from now, hopefully more players understand the truth, and why this all had to happen. As a final note, I just want to remind everyone of one thing, that all the future holds for Led's fake community is further censorship/hiding of my past contributions, because they have nothing better to do, whereas the future of SWBFModders holds production, creation of new mods, and more cool developments :cheers:
Today at 06:02:34 PM by Phobos | Views: 1 | Comments: 0

Modder of the month award for July and August 2017 goes to Phobos, for building the community websites and releasing TWD v0.95 :cheers:
July 29, 2017, 04:30:23 PM by Phobos | Views: 304 | Comments: 4

Here is proof of Anyder being a plagiarist and his severe mental disorder. He copied all my styles of servers, websites, and PS2 information, so I had to debunk all the "disinformation" he posted on his fake info website. Anyder also copied my forum design, even using the exact same stars background that is seen here lol

Here is also proof of Led being banned for his ingratitude and jealousy of my developments and contributions over the years. He was banned today for abusing his power and trying again to censor the truth about SWBFSpy. I created the name and group for SWBFSpy first, Anyder and Led tried to duplicate and steal my project like plagiarists. However, all that really resulted from their failed attempts was the community moving to

The truth will be visible on forever and every single lie posted by Anyder, Led, and anyone else will be exposed and disproven completely.

Community Blacklist: These hostile disgraced nazi troll IPs have been permanently banned + blacklisted from all official SWBF Community Websites & Servers for their failed attempts at killing the SWBF Community
68.62.*.* = LedNaziTroll
68.63.*.* = LedNaziTroll
2.153.*.* = AnyderNaziTroll
31.16.*.* = KalleNaziTroll
108.72.*.* = SandmanNaziTroll
108.81.92.* = JeanNaziTroll
75.139.132.* = JeanNaziTroll
68.225.118.* = JeanNaziTroll
62.232.*.* = gdh92NaziTroll
TBA = Shaking_SniperNaziTroll
TBA = Commander AwesomeNaziTroll
TBA = DavenportNaziTroll
TBA = IncognitoNaziTroll
TBA = GistechNaziTroll
TBA = Jdee-BarcNaziTroll
67.177.*.* = Drunken_MasterNaziTroll
TBA = Red04 (CC-4398)NaziTroll
TBA = RepCommNaziTroll
206.255.*.* = TirpiderNaziTroll
47.221.*.* = TykyloNaziTroll
47.219.*.* = TykyloNaziTroll
192.254.*.* = FAKELamers
74.91.*.* = FAKEServer
5.9.*.* = FAKEWebsite & Server
89.163.*.* = FAKEWebsite = FAKEWebsite
162.248.*.* = FAKESpy

July 27, 2017, 08:03:01 PM by Phobos | Views: 96 | Comments: 1

SWBFSpy Information Website
Good day everyone, I've created an official information website for SWBFSpy. The purpose of this website is to inform all SWBFSpy Community members about everything related to what SWBFSpy is, the administration of our organization, community news, contact info, and downloads.

SWBFSpy Info Website -

Anyone can download the SWBFSpy patches here, but for now, free registration is required to

If any of you want to leave feedback for whatever reason, the contact info is listed on the website. Special thanks to Masaq for uploading the original OpenSpy files, and for [FC]Wolf's initial contributions, which has helped tremendously with the creation of SWBFSpy :cheers:
I've also added a new page to the official SWBFSpy info website for players to contact the server admins for all SWBF1 & SWBF2 game servers hosted on SWBFSpy.

Edit: Community Information page is now available! Check it here:

SWBFSpy is the substitute of the GameSpy master server.
In September 2013, Phobos started the SWBFSpy project and coined the name. [FC]Wolf assisted with the project in the beginning before he retired. The bulk of coding was developed mainly by Luigi and Masaq, the creators of OpenSpy.

Special thanks to all the SWBFSpy Team members who contributed to this project. We're looking for active members to join our team, those who are interested may contact SWBFSpy | Phobos

Official SWBFSpy Team Members (Past & Present)
Phobos = Admin & Coder & Founder
Wolf = Coder & Co-Founder
Luigi = Coder
Soneek = Coder
Masaq = Coder
SirPimped = Promoter
Elite = Promoter

The Administration of SWBFSpy includes Phobos, the Master Server Technician and SWBF Community Leader. There are no other admins currently than the ones listed here, and no community ambassadors for the SWBFSpy project. Moderators of the game servers include SirPimped and Elite, who have helped support our project in many ways.

All the official SWBFSpy Info can be found here: SWBFSpy Info Center[]

We have contacted Kalle to let him know about the fake "project", and that we have written to ModDB and GameTracker about the lies of Anyder/Led/Kalle, and that it is good for others to do the same. Here is a run-down of recent failed attempts by them
- Spreading lies in an attempt to censor the SWBFSpy groups on GameTracker and ModDB, because Anyder/Led/Kalle are jealous of me
- Lies by Kalle claiming that I "used his name", which is false. Another Kalle said was that I claimed "Kalle is my '"code"", which I also never claimed.
- Attempting to write to ModDB to try censoring my contributions like jealous husos

Meaning by this, he does NOT support the lie about

Once again, our Community Leader got in contact with OpenSpy on ZenHax and Facebook to get to know whether some lies were true or not, and he got the following reply:
- "OpenSpy was discontinued in 2015, but our source codes are still available on GitHub for players to use as a base for creating their own master server. We don't need to actively help others build a new masterserver, as our codebases provide more than enough structure already. In other words, we have already helped others build a masterserver by providing the needed codebases for them to modify as needed."

It looks like liars are caught and exposed eventually, and once someone lies, everything they say becomes questionable.


During the month of July 2017 we have registered the .ORG domain just in time to to prevent it being stolen like the others. The Master Server is being coded and improved this month with great progress so far. Our community continues to grow and create awesome mods for SWBF. powered by

Announcements, updates, and soon the official patches can be downloaded from links contained on the SWBFModders Homepage[], our new community website which also launches soon!

If anyone has questions or concerns, feel free to contact me on steam: ZombieDeathMob

The unofficial FAKESpy uses the .com domain and is not supported by the official SWBFSpy community @   
Today at 07:35:19 AM by Phobos | Views: 1 | Comments: 0

These are the Rules of the forums:

  • No excessive swearing, the tolerable amount is determined by admins.
  • No racial slurs or insults.
  • No horrible grammar.
  • No sexual content or pornography, or links to any websites with it.
  • Use the "search" feature to see if your question has already been answered.
  • Use English for all posts unless posting translations of important guides.
  • Use relevant thread titles.
  • Do not double post unless approved by admin. Modify posts instead.
  • Do not spam tons of emoticons.
  • Do not type in all CAPS.
  • Do not impersonate others or use multiple accounts.
  • Do not post links containing pirated content.
  • Do not hijack topics or derail threads.
  • Do not act like a "junior moderator".
  • Do not post political or religious topics.
  • Do not start new threads instead of bumping old ones when applicable.
  • Do not insult other players for using fair mods such as radar. Check this thread for more info about radar
  • Do not cyber-bully members of this forum.
  • Do not crash the game servers or try to boot players from them.
  • Do not attempt to DDoS our community servers or websites.
  • Do not set up fake websites or social media accounts using the name SWBFspy and/or SWBFmodders; or commit any willful misrepresentation of SWBFspy and/or SWBFmodders on any websites. Violation of this rule will result in a permanent ban without warning.

Staff reserves the right to determine punishments for offenders, which may include temporary or permanent bans. In extreme cases, offenders will also be blacklisted.

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* Forum Staff

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SWBF Community Leader
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Non-contributors might not care about who fixes the game or how, but those who make it possible care… (more)
Posted Aug 09, 2017 3:40 AM
We all work together and I'm a big part of it and I don't brag about it as I don't care as long as w… (more)
Posted Aug 09, 2017 3:38 AM
Guys, I'm a libra, born September so I like balance. I can act as mediator for the fucking sake of t… (more)
Posted Aug 08, 2017 8:39 PM
I'm working on the MS so that all can play once again, it's thx to the OpenSpy contributors that SWB… (more)

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